Who we are

CAP was founded in 1993 in Thessaloniki where it is still based to this day. Since then, the company designs and creates sportswear and equipment with passion and love. Our goal is the continuous improvement of the products and the manufacture of innovative, quality, aesthetically superior and durable racing and training clothes.

Since 1993 we design and distribute throughout the world.

At CAP we dress national, professional and amateur teams, as well as individual athletes to do what they love, to compete!
We manufacture professional clothes and accessories for a wide range of sports such as: basketball, football, volleyball, handball, rowing, gymnastics, beach sports, running etc.

At the same time, our company cooperates with a wide network of retail trade in Greece and Europe, manufacturing and selling private label sportswear in many designs and construction materials.

At CAP we offer design services without financial burden, thus enabling our customers to create their own unique products. Our prints are made digitally, with print or embroidery.

Corporate Responsibility

As a business, CAP recognizes the responsibility of operating at a social and environmental level and has decided to incorporate social and environmental friendly goals into its day-to-day business, beyond any legal obligation. For this reason, we use ecological and non-toxic inks and raw materials, while every year we prepare a plan of charitable actions, donating sports items to non-profit organizations, institutions, schools, etc.


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