Data Protection Policy Statement

The purpose of this Data Protection Policy Statement is to explain how
and the reasons why we use your Personal Data.

1. Who will use your Personal Data

CAP will use your personal data in its capacity as Manager
Editing, in order to design and create sports appearances for teams and
individual athletes. Its headquarters are in Thessaloniki and specifically in Monastiriou Street
289 with T.K. 54628, contact tel. 2310 553 994 and email:
If you have any questions regarding the processing of your Personal
Data if you want to exercise any of your rights, or submit one
complaint regarding your Personal Data, you can contact him
Our Data Protection Officer (DPO) either by phone or by letter to
CAP address with Data Protection Officer or e-mail address:

2. How will your Personal Data be used?

CAP will use your personal data:
– for communication between the company and potential customers,
– for the submission of market-initiated and successful consumer offers
completion of the contract for the sale of products,
– for your information as consumers and the parallel promotion of young people
products by sending indicative newsletters, text messages (sms),
written correspondence and telephone communication.
In particular the processing of data collected within the meaning of
provisions of the G.K.P.D., of the personal data that fall into
disposal of the company after your own action is made for them
the following purposes: (a) for the performance and realization of
transaction (s) between the company and you and its legal completion, including, inter alia, the delivery of
services, communication before, during, but also after the transaction (s),
issuance of tax documents, b) for the identification of your person, in
in case of complaint or any request to the company, the
facilitate the company’s communication with you, as well as the general facility
of the company when handling your complaint or request to it, c) for
use them for your information with advertising material, printed matter or
electronic, related to the advertising activities of the company.

3. What personal data is collected

We will only process Personal Data that is absolutely necessary for
achieving our above goals. In particular, we use:
– Your identity details (name).
– Your contact details (e-mail) and in case of submission of a telephone offer
contact and address.
– The history of your orders.
– Any item you provide us

4. Where do they come from

The data comes either from the voluntary, on the part of the consumer, conclusion
communication relations with the company, or by its also voluntary registration as a member
by filling in only the required information on the respective form, or by third parties
associates with us to whom you have lawfully given consent.

5. How they are stored

The information is recorded in digital form on computers while depending on the nature

and its usefulness are kept in written form in a guarded space.

6. Who has access

The personal data collected is circulated only within the company and
parts of it, if this is deemed necessary for successful completion
of the order.

7. With whom we share your Personal Data

Your absolutely necessary personal data, namely name, telephone,
address and method of payment can be sent to courier companies
upon your request for home delivery.

8. Your rights regarding Personal Data

You may exercise the following rights with respect to your Personal Data:
Access, Correction, Portability and if the conditions of the law are met,
Deletion, Restriction and Opposition. It is possible to practice the above
your rights through our website or alternatively, you can contact
directly with the Data Protection Officer at the email address for the exercise of your rights, as well as for any other
information. The application for the exercise of the rights is free of charge, unless the request is
obviously unfounded or excessive, and the deadline for reply is 30

9. How to file a complaint

In case you consider that the protection of the personnel is affected in any way
your data, you can appeal to the Personnel Data Protection Authority
Character: Kifissias 1-3, PC 115 23, Athens,

10. How long do we keep your Data

We will retain and process your Personal Data for the above
for the purpose of completing your order and for a period of two years thereafter, while in the case of registered members these will be maintained until
submit a relevant request for their deletion.
In particular, with the exception of the more specific provisions of the G.K.P.D. and the text
national law, including the provisions of the applicable law
tax legislation, personal data submitted by
on your part in the business, will be maintained and stored by it throughout
the duration of your transactions with it and up to the full and complete
fulfillment of the obligations on both sides, ie execution of each order by it
and full and complete repayment on your part of all your finances
liability to the company. After the expiration of the above period, the
company will continue to hold and store your personal data
character for a period of more than one month from the expiration of the deadline
exercise of any of your rights in relation to any defects of
services that it markets, as well as for as long as possible
a legal dispute between you and the company and in any case
until an irrevocable court case is issued on it. Over time as
above periods and without prejudice to more specific provisions of the G.K.P.D.
and existing national legislation, such as the case of tax documents
where the period of maintenance and storage by the company
amounts to ten (10) years, the company will proceed with the destruction or deletion
or delivery to you in a way that you will identify in writing
of our communication, of the kept personal data



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